Traditional Cuisine

Don’t come to our “Los Jerónimos” restaurant expecting to order the standard cocido stew or paella. (Although if we set our minds to it, of course, we could certainly cook up a great batch.) It’s just that these dishes don’t usually appear in our typical fare.

Among our standout dishes from the cuisine of the Castilla y León region, we are proud to offer the following:

- El Roast suckling lamb, of pure Castilian breed, born and raised in La Tuda, prepared in our Pereruela-style wood-fire oven and clay roasting pans, fueled by oak wood and including as its only ingredients lamb, water, and salt. It is accompanied, as is tradition, by a lettuce salad. Simplicity is its secret to success.

- Sayaguesa veal chops, perhaps not as well known as Ternera de Aliste veal, but of equally high quality, from the vast cattle ranches of the region, grilled to perfection and generally accompanied by handmade French frie... cooked in fine olive oil.

In addition, for those who prefer fish, we offer grilled sea bass with sauce. Of course this doesn’t come straight off our land, but it is quite delicious.

Among our de la tierra (“from the land”) dessert options are, rice pudding, apple pie and the irresistible chocolate cake.

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